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Training Course Accreditation

Purpose of Accreditation

Accreditation provides an authoritative and independent assurance of the quality & relevance of training courses. Once
a course is accredited, training course providers may use the Accreditation Logo in their promotional material.

Accreditation of a training course means that :


Accreditation fees are payable initially upon registration of a course for accreditation and annually Thereafter, unless the provider organization obtains & maintains the Organization’s accreditation. Fees for accreditation depends on how many courses are accredited & the status of the Organization’s accreditation.

Achieving Accreditation

Claims of accreditation may only be made in relation to ATCs; that is, courses that meet the Accreditation Requirements & for which the Certification Authority has provided written notice that accreditation has been achieved. Claims of conformance, certification, or accreditation may not be used with courses that have not completed the accreditation process, or that have
been withdrawn from the Program.

Maintaining Accreditation

The Organization is required to ensure that their Accredited Training Course -ATC continues to conform to the applicable Accreditation Requirements.

The Certification Authority (WASAC) has the right to audit the Organizat ion’s claims of conformance and adherence to the requirements of this Accreditation Policy. WASAC Accrediting Management may at any time request Organizations to provide any information reasonably related to their conformance with the applicable Accreditation Requirements. If the Organization fails to provide such information within 45 calendar days of the request, then the Certification Authority may remove the training course from the Accreditation Register, in which case the training course ceases to be accredited and the Organization
may no longer make a claim of accreditation in relation to
the training course.

In addition to regularly scheduled assessments, WASAC has the right at any time without notice to observe delivery of the ATC, review current ATC training materials, or request information on delivered ATCs and course attendees for the purpose of auditing conformance of the ATC to the Accreditation Requirements.

Change of ATC Manager

A change of ATC Manager is a change of the named individual responsible for the effective operation & delivery of the ATC.

To maintain accreditation for the ATC, the Organization must notify WASAC Authority of the change in ATC Manager within 30 calendar days of such change occurring. The new ATC Manager must provide a written commitment to the Certification Authority indicating that the new ATC Manager understands the Accreditation Requirements to which the ATC is accredited and agrees to comply with these requirements for the duration of
the current accreditation and any subsequent periods of accreditation. The Certification Authority will then update the information in the Accreditation Register and Conformance Declaration as applicable.

Change in Training Materials

The ATC Manager must notify WASAC Authority of any significant changes to material directly related to the content of the course that is accredited. WASAC Certification Authority has the right to review and approve all such changes; such approval will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. The modified materials must be made available to the Certification Authority in a form that allows an Assessor to easily see the changes that have
been made.

Change in Trainers

All trainers who deliver the ATC must be registered with the Certification Authority at all times. The ATC Manager must notify WASAC Certification Authority of all new trainers and their qualifications. WASAC Certification Authority must grant approval before such new trainers may deliver an ATC.

New Delivery Language or Method

The ATC Manager must notify WASAC Certification Authority of changes to the training materials to support delivery of the ATC in a new language or by a new delivery method. Such notification must be made at least two (2) weeks before first planned use. WASAC Certification Authority
has the right to review and approve all such changes;
such approval will not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.