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Although the main mission of WASAC is to offer health and safety training programs and certifications, our team is well equipped and ready to provide specific OHS services to include OHS Performance Analyses, Implementing Management Systems, Conducting Audits And Investigations, Developing Performance Measures, Creating Policy or Operational-Level Procedures, Risk Assessment, Process Safety Management, Safety and Environmental Audit, Hazard Analysis, Developing and Drilling Emergency Response, Fire Fighting Assessment, Training Gap Analysis, etc.. In addition to assisting with compliance, we can assist clients in assessing their safety culture and technical performance, and
ultimately implementing a safety culture throughout the organization.


Our Training Team

Our training team is all qualified trainers with the highest safety certifications and years of experience all over the world both in the classroom and fields and is here to help you with any aspect of safety and health issues.

Here’s how to get started…
Bring the WASAC experience directly to your company Plan your path; where are you and where do you want to go?

In your current job, what do you need to climb that ladder? What are your motivations?
If you are fresh and newly graduated, consult with other professional, read the market demand, and/or simply contact us for free advice; we are here for you.

Plan for your Future

WASAC Professional Education prepares you to excel at your job through expert instruction in state-of-the-art material and techniques. Our variety of offerings and formats, coupled with level of trainers’ certifications and experience, will develop the skills and knowledge you need and deserve.
Flexible, easy accessible, cost effective, and training values are just some of the reasons why it is the best training and certifications solution for you.